Monday, April 30, 2007

Engagement rings, and other frightening things

I had plans for a really momentous first post. I was going to explain the high-falutin' reference in my blog's title, and talk about why I love Jane Austen, and why I call myself Cassandra Mortmain, and maybe my love/hate relationship with the Swedish singer Hello Saferide, and hopefully I'm still going to do all those things.

But my actual first post is this:

Yesterday, I was talking with my best friend from home, and she jokingly sent me a link to an engagement ring adorned with The Diamond that Ate Tokyo. I looked at it and looked at it and looked at it and and thought DAMN that is a big ass diamond. I thought to myself "That is the biggest diamond I have ever seen." Then I looked at the price. I looked at the price and realized the following fact: that if instead of being money I owed the government, my student loans were money the government owed me (for my long and arduous years as a student), that I would be able to buy this ring five times over. And that's before interest.


So, in short, the moral of my first post is: there is nothing scarier than student loans. Except graduating from college.


Kerry said...

That's me! I'm the one with the ring that ate Tokyo! Or rather, I'm the one with the link to the ring that ate Tokyo. Which is far less impressive.

Casondra said...

Great work.