Monday, June 25, 2007

Heartbreak Is:

Waiting anxiously for weeks for DVD ordered through the BPL to arrive, only to discover it is scratched so badly that, save tantalizing 2 minute snippets, it's completely unwatchable. 

What makes this already tragic situation even more heartbreaking is the DVD in question, Regency House Party, is one I have waited ANXIOUSLY to see for eons. I mean, truly, it combines a) reality TV dating shows, b) the PBS "house" series (which I would volunteer for in an eyeblink, p.s., I don't care how miserable it looks), and c) Courtship in Regency England-- could there be anything more glorious? 

Woe truly is I today. 

1 comment:

Helgagrace said...

Did you try spraying it with windex and cleaning with a soft cloth? That usually helps with my library DVDs.