Friday, July 27, 2007


Which Office Character Are You?

You are Ryan. You are extremely smart and perceptive, and it irritates you to no end when inferior people try to tell you what to do. Sometimes, though, your critical eye makes you come off as aloof and bitter to others, and it may take awhile for people to get to know you.
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although, am I right or wrong that this quiz result makes Ryan sound like waaaaaay less of a douche than he actually is on the show?


Helgagrace said...

How about half Ryan and half Pam? Does that sound right to you?

Kelly said...

hey, this is kelly [broadway nerdfighter].
i read you response, cause i like seeing if people respond to me.

really smart people who get into northeastern can't date girls. they have no chance with nerdfighters.

funny, funny part. my ex was waitlisted. they didnt evey want him to begin with. no one wants him.

hehe, it would be EXTREMELY funny if our ex's actually knew each other.